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Welcome to the world of Japan made fishing tackle components ! We offer all kinds and complete inventory of fishing rod components which are made in Japan as well as very unique components which you have never seen. All Matagi products are originated by us and you will never find such unique items at any other places or websites.

Feb 12, 2024

2024 catalogs are ready.

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For international clients
The appearances of the Matagi rods assembled by our customers are different from the photographs published in our catalogs.
Matagi, as a firm, does not oblige rod builders to use the accessories and decors exclusively from our firm.
Our clients can use any guides, handles and other rod components at their discretion.
Our customers can use their own labels with their own brand names.
If a rod is assembled with a Matagi blank, then the rod builder has the right to put the Matagi logo on it.

Please simply email us with your shipping address. We will post our latest printed catalog shortly. It's absolutely free.

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