"Matagi" Painted Carbon Tubes Color Chart
It would be a good idea to match color of reel seat with carbon tube to build an unique rod.

Size : (actual OD is slightly less than 17mm/15mm/13mm to match reel seat)
PCT500-17 Length 500mm x OD.17mm x ID.15mm
PCT250-17 Length 250mm x OD.17mm x ID.15mm
PCT500-15 Length 500mm x OD.15mm x ID.13mm
PCT250-15 Length 250mm x OD.15mm x ID.13mm
PCT500-13 Length 500mm x OD.13mm x ID.11mm
PCT250-13 Length 250mm x OD.13mm x ID.11mm
Crack paints are also available.

Please see here for pricing.(pdf)
PCT500-17 and PCT250-17 are not mentioned on the catalog. Price is same as PCT500 or PCT250.

One of good examples of combination of painted reel seat and painted carbon tube