The pictures show you shape of handles only. The following items are changeable on your request.
- Color of Reel Seat (can be unpainted)
- Color of Hood of reel reat
- Color of Metal Components

Exposed type handle comes with a 500mm carbon tube.
(Overall length of exposed type handle, when you receive it, is 500mm.)
So, you can cut the tube to fit you.

All the ECS16 handles have carbon tubes which has I.D.13mm.
So, O.D. of your blank must be less than 12.8mm.

All you have to do is just take your handle off from your rod, mount a carbon tube over your rod, and glue components over a carbon tube. It is very easy due to a carbon tube.

We will be able to replace parts on your request as long as it is possible. For example, if you would like a front grip of the GK-EECS16-KD1, we will be able to use it on the GK-EECS16-KD3. Please let us know what you would like us to do.