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Welcome to the world of Japan made fishing tackle components ! We offer all kinds and complete inventory of fishing rod components which are made in Japan as well as very unique components which you have never seen. All Matagi products are originated by us and you will never find such unique items at any other places or websites.

July 17, 2021 Digital Catalog 2021 as well as 2021 PDF Catalog is available now.

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We have huge number of items to choose.

With Japanese high quality aluminum and brass materials and skills

- Unique Metal Decorative Components

With high technical skill to paint like this
- Painted Reel Seats

Woven Carbon Tubes available only by Matagi on the planet

- Carbon Tube Selection

It absolutely would be a good idea to match color of reel seat with carbon tube to build an unique rod.

- Painted Carbon Tube Color Chart

We can paint blanks on your request.

- Blank Color Chart
Please let us know color number. We can paint our/your blanks including St.Croix and G-Loomis as well as Matagi original blanks.
Painting charge depends on length and color. Please ask us.

- New Page of our Handle sets (exciting !)

- Fuji Reel Seats (Various kinds of Fuji reel seats which you might have never seen.) Unique !

- Fuji Guides and Tiptops (Japanese standard models)

- Interesting items

- Gorgeous Reel Seat with Wooden Insert (trigger and spinning)  Specially for Trout or Fresh Water Fishing

- Handle Set with the Wooden Trigger Reel Seat
- page 2
 Specially for Trout or Fresh Water Fishing

- Cork Grip Sets etc...

- Various kinds of Colorful Metal Parts
- Page 2

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